an extremely unpopular, but untapped slang word for getting drunk that was slipped to me by a guy in uptown with a red dress shirt and a really skinny black leather tie. it's really precise - that is, it really makes you think about the numbers.
I imagine "proofed" is thought of like a workout: 40 proof, 3 reps, 5 sets, etc, ad nauseum.
I've only heard it once, and no one's ever heard of it.
Also good for bad crunk jokes at the expense of drunk friends:
I guess he's too proofed for a Child-Proof Lighter.
He just went from Jaeger-proof to Jaeger-proofed.
Or goading the same beyond-the-pail* friends to "proof it" and drink even more whenever they say something stupid or incoherent. If you lift the bottle in their hands, that also helps.

*this is a pun about puking.

trolleyed is the best word for getting drunk ever spoken.
by brokeblokejokes May 22, 2006
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A useless geometry tool taught by teachers to piss you off emensely, and eventually, fail you.
Teacher: Please now make a proof table to show how you got your answer.

Student: Bitch!, the answer is right! Why the fuck would i need to show how i got my answer with a PROOF?
by Killagriffin December 12, 2010
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You need these to prove an accusation to be true. Proofs must be physical, and witnesses are NOT proofs.
Dude 1: "Your breath smells so bad! Brush your teeth!"
Dude 2: "My breath smells great, you have no proofs!"
Dude 1: "Literally everyone can smell your bad breath! There are so many witnesses."
by NoYouMan May 11, 2017
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R.I.P. Proof, friend of Mr Mathers, rapper in D-12, was shot and died in the early hours of Tuesday morning on April 11th 2006. May he rest in peace.
Proof will be greatly missed. Loved and respected by many, the loss of this fine rapper is a loss to us all.
by marshall313mathers April 12, 2006
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to consider someone as a person you would date if they asked you out; to be interested in dating a person without obssesing over them
"There are a couple people I'm proofing right now, but mostly Julia"

-Do you like him?
-No, thats pathetic. I'm not obsessing over him I'm just proofing him.
by JuliaMakesDefinitions! October 19, 2009
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another slain rapper of the rap game and another slain rapper of d12 he was and always be one of the greatest to ever grace the rap game and will be missed R.I.P Big Proof AkA Dirty Harry The Rap Mayor OF Detroit.
out of towner: whoz the rap mayor of detroit
Detroit: PROOF!
by kon Arti$ April 17, 2006
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A member of the rap group D12. Real name DeShaun Holton and is a prominent figure in the legacy of rapper Eminem. Being the one who got him really into the business and was often his hypeman. Passed away early April 11, 2006 in a fatal shooting in a Detroit Club. R.I.P.
"Did you hear about that rapper Proof?"
"Yeah I did, he's a god damn legend"
by Dosey April 11, 2006
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