A pusha who makes alot money. Usually has his finger dipped in other illigitament business' than just drugs Dealin.
Ayo Do boy, let me get some of your chron and a bitch on da side.
by DFOES November 25, 2003
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A young black male that is known to make alot of money as a career drug dealer.
"all the doe boys go crazy"! Young Geezy
by Xavier Mcfadden March 6, 2006
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yo you see that dude? he lookin doe boy fresh!

i stay doe boy d' d' doe boy freshhh - 3 6 mafia
by g the realest April 2, 2007
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analogous to symphonic sounds "curt bower"
or in other words sick beats on the snare drum or trapset to be played to the heralders
hey guy, pull out some doe boy fresh on the snare will you?
by sme drumline September 21, 2008
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Used by many to remember what the notes in the five main lines of the Treble Clef in Music, representing E, G, B, D, and F from bottom to top.
Every Good Boy Does Fine, as long as he remembers to pay his taxes.
by Hyperion October 20, 2005
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