A really mysterious or weird person

They like to cause chaos
Stop be a Clef
by Mr. Epicgames June 4, 2021
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A scary crybaby that got a lot of mouth
Kamel is a clef because he cryes at everything
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A fat fuck who is a badass that works at the SCP Foundation and is awesome at killing anything at all. He is the true definition of a straight man who knows how to please a woman, but doesn't want just any woman and can't considering all women find him disgusting. He's an honest man 😂
by InannaIshtar July 24, 2017
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Hole in the roof of the mouth caused during development in the womb. Often accompanied with a Hare Lip, an open space in the middle of the top lip.
Clef Pallet is a deformity which can be repaired in childhood, usually after birth.
by CBUK1066 October 27, 2007
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The musical clef of the anus. Musical sounds produced by anal stimulation. Making a woman moan with pleasure as you give her tongue fuck her ass, along with clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

Similar to "banana split"- when a woman is getting buttfucked and another woman eats her pussy.
I played her in the anal clef, along with her twat, and she moaned from deep within, music to my ears.

Aimee was getting her anal clef played by Sophie while he fucked her.
by anal virtuoso July 11, 2009
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Not as good as a violin or a bass. It’s as good as shit
The viola is such an alto clef
by Viola4life February 7, 2018
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-a female that plays bass
Drummer- Dude, i need a bassist for my new band.
Guitarist- Man, i know this totally hot clef girl that wails. You should check her out.
by Heather The Great April 2, 2005
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