Drinking a beer while taking a shower, usually as a reward to oneself.
When he heard the news that he got a 4.0 GPA last quarter, he rewarded himself with a nice, relaxing bower.
by skanpolo January 18, 2006
When you are really hungover and you don't feel like standing up to take a shower. So you lay down like you're taking a bath with the drain stopped up and the shower beats down on you.
Dude did you take a shower? No, I felt like shit, I took a bower.
by Roy T January 9, 2006
Bower = Bath + shower. To take a soapy bath for cleaning, followed by a water-only shower for rinsing.
As long as you have something productive to do while the bath runs, the bower is actually faster than a regular shower -- if you want it to be.

The bath gets you clean very quickly, much faster than a shower, because you don't have to take all that time "soaping up". You also use less soap, and need to rinse less, so it is less drying for your skin.

by Shelly Bozdog June 25, 2006
n. Combination of a quick cold bath then a hot shower. Often touted as a hangover cure.

You look horrible! Better ease your flesh out of bed, grab a quick bower, and get over to the hill. Your State of the Union address is in an hour.

Fake News! SAD!! I look good. Hansomest office holder ever. Only drink soda.
by gnostic3 February 6, 2019
A style of business managment defined by lack of leadership skills, and general malaise when it comes to making a decision for a group of coworkers. Someone who "bowers" was usually promoted to a level of leadership for reasons other than their leadership skills.
"Man, i thought that new guy we brought on was spot on, but he bowered that new laptop proposal."
by monkey hate November 29, 2004
It is an incredibly stupid woman who believes she is much smarter than she really is.
That bower can't do anything right.
by Miguel VIII October 28, 2010
'bothered' - as made famous by Catherine Tate as her character Lauren on The Catherine Tate Show, BBC.
Regardez mon visage! Regardez mon visage!
by princessconsuelabananahammock February 15, 2009