AKA Shape Up, Line Up. Its that joint that u get at the barber shop. The forhead line strait, the sides be even n the sideburns thinned out to a strait line. Ho's lovin it. Make u look fresh. cant no one take u seriously with some long ass untamed herr, so ya afro niggaz betta cornrow it up ya herd me.
Lemme get a LOW CUT BALL FADE. aight i hook u up wit the fresh cut.
by ClapUpYaBrain September 11, 2005
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A youth who has recently become a skinhead.
The older skinheads gave the fresh cut a real good hazing. They poured beer all over him, and scuffed up his boots.
by Sluggo Skin October 07, 2006
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A skinhead who, regardless of political affiliation, has not earned their laces, braces, or whatever needed to gain notoriety in their crew.
"Oi prick look at the fresh cut causin' a fuss."
"don't tell me what the fuck ya freshie bastard"
by alcore June 10, 2008
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Someone new to a particular scene that has a "I'm better than you because _____" attitude.
Usually associated with the rockabilly/greaser crowd.
See also: Sparechangemagazine.com, under monthly vocabulary
"Lets get outta here. This place is full of freshcuts."
"That freshcut is a total asspipe."
by brian November 10, 2003
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