A youth who has recently become a skinhead.
The older skinheads gave the fresh cut a real good hazing. They poured beer all over him, and scuffed up his boots.
by Sluggo Skin October 8, 2006
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A skinhead who, regardless of political affiliation, has not earned their laces, braces, or whatever needed to gain notoriety in their crew.
"Oi prick look at the fresh cut causin' a fuss."
"don't tell me what the fuck ya freshie bastard"
by alcore June 10, 2008
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When someone walks up to you to interrogate on your new hair cut;
You got a fresh cut, didn't you? Ok, lemme see it from the side, okkkkkk. From the front, ohhhh. From the back, dammnnnnn, that look good cuz,(looks at ass) that looks GOOOD (slaps ass) !
by tackofall March 16, 2020
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AKA Shape Up, Line Up. Its that joint that u get at the barber shop. The forhead line strait, the sides be even n the sideburns thinned out to a strait line. Ho's lovin it. Make u look fresh. cant no one take u seriously with some long ass untamed herr, so ya afro niggaz betta cornrow it up ya herd me.
Lemme get a LOW CUT BALL FADE. aight i hook u up wit the fresh cut.
by ClapUpYaBrain September 11, 2005
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Billy paid his dues and got shaved in, he is our newest fresh-cut.
by Blownaparte August 9, 2014
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when someone has a fresh cut and you, by law, have to smack their cut
oh hey mcquivey, fresh cut g
jack proceeds to smack mcquivey out
by tall produce March 10, 2020
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