Someone who's always looking to make a scandal out of something to redirect any negative attention or consequences from what they're doing to what somebody else is doing.
The serial arsonist would try to distract people with scandals to avoid any negative consequences for extensive damage done to people's lives by redirecting their negative attention to what this politician or that politician was doing, as a way to keep people dumb and in the dark. If it wasnt scandals, he/she would try to scare people by getting behind strikes, or some other distraction.
by Solid Mantis August 19, 2020
Distractivity is what you’re doing when you get distracted from what you should be doing. It's generally what you want to do, often what you need to do, and arguably, what you’ll do best.
John wasn't making much progress on the company's annual report, so he welcomed the distractivity of working on his website.
by JohnGoodman January 25, 2010
When you are in class and the girl in front of you is wearing a thong.
I'm totally failing Intro to Bio Science because I am distracted by this sweet piece of chippy that wears low-riding jeans and thongs EVERYDAY.
by Dr.Rob Jones July 11, 2008
A person of the opposite gender which is not a significant other, but has enough "beyond friendship" feelings and possibilities attached to him/her that this person creates a major loss of productive time whenever s/he is available for contact.
The distraction is online. I won't get any homework done anytime soon.
by Distraction Central April 3, 2009
A woman that is extremely beautiful that she takes your concentration off eveything around you. A woman that causes you to watch her, and her only. A woman that when she walks by you stop talking and just watch her and stare.
I was in chemistry class and I stopped taking notes due to the distractions.
by Klips January 10, 2006
A literal distraction. Best sent by texts or IM's for best. It makes whoever gets distracted feel like a tool, or smile. both are common emotions. Best used when you're playing an online game with someone and you text them, distracting them from whatever you're doing.

hell, you could even distract them from being distracted, the possibilities are endless.
Person 1: baking cookies
Person 2 : *text* DISTRACTION!
Person 1: *text* you dirty whore i was baking cook-
Person 2: *text* DISTRACTION!
Person 2: *text* Your cookies are burning.
*cookies are on fire*
by Paddy O'Mally May 8, 2009
One that is so attractive, that it can be distracting to others.
Sue is so distractive, I can't concentrate on my spreadsheet.
by Deanimal and Oca October 25, 2007