A song full of insults meant to insult or personally harm another singer or person. Not to be confused with the retarded shit YouTubers make.
Chris: “Did You See The New Jake Paul Diss Track?”
Caleb: “That Is A Fucking Publicity Stunt Not A Real Diss Track.”
by RainTube September 22, 2018
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A rap song with a sole purpose of dissing another rapper.
50 Cent makes a lot of diss tracks toward people such as Ja Rule, Jadakiss, and Fat Joe.
by Home slice May 3, 2005
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some youtube makes a song about another youtube to get veiws. Normally they are bad or for 12yr olds great
ksi made a diss track on a whale
by diss my nan August 12, 2017
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A diss track is a song where you roast someone example: 'it's every day bro' song.
You tubers use to say this "diss track me" so they can roast them back after. Or "did you watch rice gums diss track?"
by Nina_laxx < insta September 8, 2017
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When you eat, sleep, are distracted from every task you do and do nothing else other than making hard-hitting diss tracks.
He is not focusing on his game, because he is diss-track-ted and is only interested in making his diss-track.
by Dabwithyourpal January 17, 2022
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A diss Pewdiepie made on YouTube, dissing an opponent channel (Cocomelon) a channel growing extremely fast, catching up to Pewdiepie, ever since Cocomelon's views have been going down. Currently the diss isn't on the YouTube website.
Hey! the Coco Diss Track just got remove from YouTube!
by Ian cool February 23, 2021
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Best song AF! Listen it. The song roasts Dream. The song is made by Quackity, BadBoyHalo, and Georgenotfound!
George:skeppy baked these muffins
People:Dream Diss Track is the best shit
by Snowfurry May 16, 2021
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