The nemesis to Pewdiepie. A terrible and wretched group that specializes in terrible kids content. inferior to pretty much everybody.
“Cocomelon is gathering it’s forces, Pewdiepie may be overthrown!”
by Bigboibeatem’ June 17, 2020
The worst channel on youtube. Featuring:
Cringe nursery rhymes
Half hour long videos
The whole channel is just uncomfortable to watch.

Needless to say it is threatening pewdiepie's position as most subscribed youtuber as well, which is unacceptable.

Gamers, gather your forces, this will be a tough war.
What you can do in this holy war against blasphemous Cocomelon:
Dislike the videos
Leave spam comment on the videos
Post a rick roll in the comments section
Report the videos for spam
Block them
Spread the word so that more parents can be freed from this stupidity
If for any reason cocomelon is recommended to you block it to state your firm opinion to the algorithm.
I am planning to put add on mtr telling people to unsub to cocomelon and sub to pewdiepie, both advertisement style and propaganda style
by A dying goat June 22, 2020
A magical show on YouTube and Netflix that hypnotizes small children and occupies them long enough for their parents to sneak off and fuck.
Mom: Should I put on Cocomelon? 😉
Dad: I'll grab the lube.

Mom: Thank God for Cocomelon!
by Aphrodora May 11, 2021
Cocomelon is a cringy youtube channel which makes videos for babies and videos with their time written on their thumbnails. If you see even one video you will get both cancer and ligma. So better watch ya self cuz Ligma kills. An official death history includes streamers like Ninja, TFue, Bugha, Vahren, Shroud a.k.a shrowdyrowdy, and a lot more. Beware. Sub to pewdiepie. Peace out.
Cocomelon sucks af.
by DatTryHardPunchBoi July 31, 2020
Shit. If you spell Cocomelon backwards, it spells nolemococ, which doesn't make sense. You know what else doesn't make sense? Sovieshu from The Remarried Empress, and he's shit. So basically, cocomelon spelled backwards is shit, which perfectly describes what it is<3 (Entry by cass amg I don't want any of u bitches stealing this)
Cocomelon is shit compared to the OGs. ❤️
by Cassie Angeline Idk July 5, 2021
Some shitty Show that kids watch while Pushin P
Yo you gon watch that new cocomelon episode
by Dhar Mann Is God February 11, 2022