Originally belonging to Daegu Min Yoongi is a famous Korean rapper who goes by the name Suga belonging to the famous K-Pop band BTS under Big Hit Entertainment. He debuted along with his fellow members with the track 'No More Dream' from their first mini-album '2 Kool 4 Skool'.
Min Yoongi went solo with his mixtape taking the name Agust D in 2016. The songs of the album were composed by him sharing some of the personal experiences of his life. He is generally famous among his fans for being swaggy and having the famous gummy smile. He is very considerate of his fans and went to the extent of making return gifts on his own for his fans on his birthday.
Min Yoongi along with BTS won the famous MAMA award for being the 'Best Artist Of The Year' in 2016. His band memebers and he has a long way to go in the future.
Did you see that boy with the gummy smile in BTS? That's Min Yoongi. Isn't he handsome?
by Weirdomochi March 18, 2017
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An! Actual! Mochi!

Okay so Jimin is the mochi of bts but can we all just take a step back and appreciate mochi Yoongi? That kid is such a fluffball, we must protect
Army: I want to squish min yoongiโ€™s cheeks
by Chogiwakid May 29, 2018
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(Also known as 'SUGA') A man with a passionate soul and cares for all the BTS members so much. He's the rapper and producer of the group besides Kim Namjoon and Jung Hoseok. Many classify him as 'cold' but he has a warm-heart especially for the maknaes Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin. He loves to try many foreign food and isn't picky. He is well known for his 'gummy smile' and 'tongue technology'. He is sometimes 'savage' as people may describe him and sometimes he's 'smiley' and 'energetic'. He is my ultimate bias.
Person: "Who is Min Yoongi?"
Me: "He's a inspiring rapper from BTS, he's my bias and my everything."
by koala/honey June 18, 2018
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Min Yoongi : a father figure to all; soft baby; sleep Stan; has this weird and adorable thing where he opens his eyes a little bit more to look even more soft,cute, and cuddly; genius
Min Yoongi is so cute!!
by SoftForKpop May 15, 2018
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A squishy angel with the most cutest gummy in the whole universe. And he also spits fire.
Min Yoongi: (trying to impress a girl) hey, you like this chain?Its three dollars!
Me: cries dramatically
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The guy who made a teenager stick a hammer in her mouth and get it stuck. Can you blame her? Yoongi isn't my Stan and I want a hammer to get stuck in my mouth because damn.
"Min Yoongi is so beautiful he makes me want to put a hammer in my mouth"

"I bet you wouldn't"

"Challenge accepted"
by Taehyung sexy beast August 4, 2017
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Suga from korean band BTS. Born on march 9th, 1993. Blood type: O
Wants to take over the world with his music. In love with an NYC girl.
by Suga's #1 Fan February 11, 2014
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