a factory that takes regular children and turns them into everything you dont want your child to be.

some of their creations

miley cyrus
jonas brothes
britney spears
zac effron
vannesa hutchens
disney channel = drug addicts, pole dancers, whores, sex addicts, rapists, child molestors, hookers, dick suckers, pimps, sluts, hoe bags
by heyy82 March 13, 2010
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Possibly the worst thing ever to happen to humanity. The whole channel is devoted to preppy, chipper teens who compel you to rake out your hair and/or throw yourself over a cliff. The majority of these young 'stars' end up as drug addicts e.g. Lindsay Lohan. She started off as a super cute bubblegum blowing tween - look where she is now.
The programs themselves are equally, if not more, annoying. They may be set in different places, but the plot and characters are all the same. They basically consist of a teenage girl, who is supposed to go to a 'normal' high school (it's so normal that all the teens in this school are perfect little angles who respect one another and never swear) who do nothing but hang around their lockers all day shouting "Totally Awesome!" in screeching voices, and at the end they learn a lesson about how important friends are. This is not only patronizing but builds up false hope for eleven-year-old girls, who believe that when they go to high school it will all be a song and dance and the greatest trouble they will have is forgetting homework. These girls will become pregnant because they have not been forewarned.
Girl 1: "Omigod, I'm pregnant!"
Girl 2: "I told you that it wasn't like the disney channel in real life. You expected it to be like a sunny musical number, but because nobody told you high school isn't like that, you don't know any better."
by PimpMyYak May 10, 2009
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A channel found on most cable and satellite TV packages.. It used to be a channel that had family-oriented, genuinely enjoyable TV shows, but now it's just a hugely regrettable mistake..
"Dude, please change the channel. This show is like something you'd find on the Disney Channel."
by BubblynotBuble January 31, 2010
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A tv channel that is supposed to be about kids "just like us". Ok.....so they want us to be secret pop stars, who sing songs about how its ok to make mistakes. sure. thats a load of crap. They also want us to have names that rhyme with states. i.e. Hannah Montana (also can be mis-spelled "bitch", it's a common mistake)
Girl #1: Hey! I'm gonna change my name to Fucky Kuntucky!
Girl #2: WTF?! Why?
Girl #1: 'Cause Hannah Montana on disney channel did it!
Girl #2: You are a turd.
Girl #1 (singing badly): Everybody makes mistakes! Everybody has those day! You know, what I'm talkin bout, everybody gets that way! YEEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW!!!!!
by Professersnuggles January 05, 2010
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WTF happened?? Disney was supposed to be all about the classic cartoons, but now it's about... Preppy sluts and horrible pop music! What the hell???

I wouldn't give a crap about this channel, but my sister watches it all the time and idolizes any star that appears on the screen, including some such as Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Raven Symone, Christy Carlson Romano, and lots of other preps whose pathetic excuses for "music" are no better than the shows they star in.

Disney is well known for using and reusing the same actors every time in new movies they come up with, which they do so almost every two months or so. This is called Disney Channel Star Syndrome, and the worst part is that at least one of the actors/actresses will sing the theme song for the movie, which is always gonna be another horrible pop song that no sane teenager in their right mind would want to hear for more than one second.

So, to sum it up, aside from the shows and movied aired on it, Disney Channel is the world's largest promoter of preppy pop music that's just annoying the hell out of me. Since when was being a prep cool anyway?
Oh look, Disney Channel is making a new movie, and Hillary Duff's in it! Such a nice idea to use this actress after they've used her in at least 10 other shows. And look, she's gonna be singing the theme song, and it's a terrible pop song! COVER YOUR EARS!!!
by SomeBadJoke August 05, 2006
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Disney Channel is a name for the worst possible excuse for a channel. This so called "channel" displays fake untalented actors that are older than the target audience but act just as immature. Many shows "the suite life" are no more than puns. Disney Channel features many musicians that can't sing and somehow gained attention from idiots watching the child-propaganda channel. Back in the past, the channel used to be better with actual cartoons and clever shows, but has gone downhill not unlike Nick and Cartoon Network, but unlike those two, this has been proven to be unwatchable and unfunny. It is surprising how a company that has made classics such as Toy Story is reduced to this garbage. Even worse is the fact that Disney owns Marvel. Hopefully they won't ruin that.
A intelligent person is watching a good TV show on a network (ex. Discovery, mythbusters) and his/her little sister or cousin shows up and their parent tells them to let her watch the TV. The sister/cousin starts switching through the channels and ends up on Disney Channel. Then the intelligent person does the right thing by throwing an axe at the TV screen and smashing the cable box to pieces.
by Jag140 July 19, 2011
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