The WORST channel on tv.People who likes that channel are often 8-15 years old and is very annoying.Hannah Montana is the worst show on disney channel.
Annoyingdisneyfan1:OMG did u see that new episode of zack and cody on disney channel?

Annoyingdisneyfan2:Yeah it waz so funny!!!1!!!

boy:You people should watch real stuff on tv.
by Sonicfan88 December 27, 2008
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1. What used to be a great channel, with shows like Kim Possible, House of Mouse, Recess, and Doug. It wasn't long until these shows ended up getting shit-cancelled and now we're stuck with mind-numbing crap such as Austin & Allie, Dog With a Blog, and A.N.T. Farm.

2. The only two good shows nowadays on Disney Channel are Gravity Falls and Wander over Yonder, which both ended up getting ass-hauled to Disney XD, something I don't have and don't care to waste my money on. Let's see how long it'll take before Disney Channel screws themselves up even more.
Some random friend: Hey, have you seen that new Disney show Wander over Yonder?

Me: Yeah, it's one of my favorites shows on Disney Channel along with Gravity Falls. Problem is both of those shows got moved to Disney XD, a channel which I don't have.

Why must everyone at Disney be such a douchebag?
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Person 1: I'm tired of Fox and its cancled shows!
Person 2:What about Disney Channel?
Person 1: Same differnce....
by evilmuffin July 18, 2005
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this channel is probably the worst channel ever to be brodcasted. At first the shows were about the cartoons they made but now it totally suck ass. The shows are stupid, but the plots and puns are stupider. This effin retarted channel turns young girls into mindless retards and boys into little fruit cups. They have horrible actors that they use in every single series or movies. If you ever have to watch this show, the universe will collapse into itself and all of humanity will succumb to a horrible death!
(The only reason we hate this channel is because our sisters watch it all the time!)
Boy 1: Did you ever notice that all the unanimated disney channel movies go right to DVD?

Boy 2: Thats because they suck!

Boy 3 (fruit cup): no they don't!!!!!!!

Boy 1: ummmm yeah they do.
by jimmy and timmy June 22, 2007
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Shows only retards and gays watch
disney channel is sooooooooooo lame... "kids just like you"
yeah right,how many kids out there:
1. Live in a 5 star hotel
2. Are physic
3. Get to live in the white house'
4. are from the year 2121
5. some country singer, that hid the truth from her friends
i know there are tons more, but i hate them. they can't even show ads that dont show their lame ass shows. The fact everyone is happy is quite disturbing..
ALSO their shows have NO PLOT or their production codes are fucked up. Take Lizzie Mc Gurie, The show begain over a lame IM rumor, then it ended on some dumb kiddie show ..

see a "show" needs a plot, so meaning the show will begain with a introduction, and the end can be with changes in the family, a guy starting to date a girl or something... NOT some lame ass ramdom plot.

and WTF is worng with "oh my god" its not like your saying gods name in vain

disney channel NEEDS to change their ways.... BIG TIME
by Chris Gonzales April 27, 2007
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Don't watch it! It's like watching the video from The Ring. Plus, it hypnotizes you.
I was passing by my little sister while she was watching t.v. and was hypnotized into watching Disney Channel.
by TheD22 November 15, 2010
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A good channel that all of a sudden became all about slutty singers and gay actors like Miley Cyrus, Demi Levato, Selena Gomez, and the gayest one of all:Joe Jonas. Disney Channel's bad streak began with the addition of Hannah Montana's second season, and has since then gone down hill, until 2007 when Disney Channel announced Phineas and Ferb, the only show, until Good Luck, Charlie that was actually watchable. Disney Channel appeals to 9 year olds, lesbians, and dumbasses

Disney Channel's rule may never end.... NEVER!

See also: fail, whores, and Nickelodeon
Duchebag: OMG! I love that slutty Miley Cyrus on her soon to be ending show Hannah Montana!
Dumbfuck: You watch that? I watch Wizards Of Waverly Place, starring the ultra slutty Selena Gomez
Dumbfuck and Duchebag: Make that a Sixsome

Ex 2:
Person 1: I miss Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, and So Weird.
Person 2: I hate the new Disney Channel, it's full of Sluts now!

Ex 3:
Person 1: OMG! I LOVE Phineas and Ferb!!! It Rocks!
Person 2: Eww, it'll be lame soon

(20 minutes l8r)

Person 2: OMGZ! That's bomb show!
Person 1: Told ya! The only one Disney got right!
by ihateurmom June 13, 2010
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