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When a person exits his or her mouth of the dip they have been dipping.
Jaymes dismounted so he can make out with his woman.
by Bandito loves Jaymes October 05, 2017
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when someone is mounted on someone/or something and you have to ask them to shut up about it.
friend 1: "doesn't he have the greatest body ever? he's so tan and ripped."

friend 2: DISMOUNT.
by soopercool May 15, 2009
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The final finishing move a male does after mounting ones partner....sticking the landing with arms raised like an olympic gymnast...and waiting for the judges score (typically a room mate or anyone within earshot)
After finishing on the females back from doggystyle sex, he dismounted by doing a back flip off of the bed jumping into the air and landing with both feet together (points deducted for hopping, staggering, hitting the fan, furniture, shoes, or any other object that may cause personal injury)....he waited for the roommate to call out the score from down the hall...a 9.7 was achieved!
by Badger2 October 07, 2010
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