A person (typically male) who rarely leaves their room, wheather it be in a residence hall or apartment. They do emerge for classes. The swampie typically develops and flourishes in a University setting. They are charaterized by advanced unkempt beard growth and overall poor hygene. A partially unbuttoned hawiian shirt regardless of weather may also be an indicator.

Pizza, carbonated beverages, and various junk food comprises a typical meal. Swampies are known to move together in packs when venturing out of their room from an exhastive game of WoW or other extremely time consuming MMORPG.
Ryan: Whoa! Table of swampies, your 3 o'clock.
Me: Hehe.
by Doug the great December 13, 2005
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Any member of a wealthy family from the Twin Cities or surrounding suburbs who owns a beautiful cabin on any of the fine northwest wisconsin lakes. Swampie cabins are usually much more expensive than any full-time home in the area, yet they use it twice a year. Swampies also bitch about the taxes on their swampie cabin. They use the lake they live on for recreational activities such as annoying people with their jet skis or commiting DNR violations.
Skeeter: "Did you see the traffic heading north?"
Jimbo: "Yeah, it's Friday. All the swampies are coming up"
Skeeter: "Aww shit."
by Nordic Giant March 3, 2008
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swampie is slang for someone who is from cornwall or norfolk because they are supposed to have webbed hands and feet due to the amounts of water in there area.
oi swampie come over here
by madyaker March 25, 2010
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a person that is stinky, sweaty, sticky, and clammy
brin is swampy sometimes
by cranbrookdeer July 30, 2012
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a person who smokes a lot of w33d and likes to bang his mom for extra dope MOTHERFUCKA
I had some dank ass swampy the other day that my dick throbbed! NIGGAH, take my w33d BITCH!
by monster720 June 17, 2015
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A woman's moist vagina, occuring usually during a state of sexual arousal. The term can also be uased as an adjective to desrcibe a wet vagina.
1. The couple failed to have sexual intercourse due to the fact that the female could not get a swampy.
2. As the two made out in the car,the girl began to become aroused and was starting to feel a bit swampy.
by Chazeene13 May 6, 2006
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An inhabitant of the Isle of Sheppey (see www.sheppeyscum.com) who has been both born and raised there. Distinctive accent is cross between estuary English and yokel, although all sentences contain f word.
by Sean November 18, 2003
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