3 definitions by Bandito loves Jaymes

Word origin: Anderson, SC

Typically a male, but not limited to, a person that shows up at all the wrong times, at all the wrong places and does all the wrong things whilest wearing all the wrong clothing.
Bartender #1: Can you believe this guy? He just came into the bar 30 minutes before closing wearing a Hawaiian shirt tucked into his shorts. He then reached under his pant leg to scratch his balls!
Bartender #2 - OMFG! What a GOOBYDICK!

Oh Lordy, look at this goobydick in his Ed Hardy t-shirt.
by Bandito loves Jaymes October 25, 2017
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When a person exits his or her mouth of the dip they have been dipping.
Jaymes dismounted so he can make out with his woman.
by Bandito loves Jaymes October 05, 2017
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A millenial, male or female, that engages in “ghosting” rather then be an adult and break-up with someone in any manner. Text, call, email, or in person are acceptable.
Friend 1 - “hey, how are things going with that new guy?”

Friend 2 - “Well, great for two months and then all the sudden he stopped talking to me. That jerk ghosted me!”

Friend 1 - “Not even a text?”

Friend 2 - “Nope, nothing.”

Friend 1 - “What a Millennial Pussy! At least text after two months”

Friend 2 - “Yup!”
by Bandito loves Jaymes December 15, 2018
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