comeback to roast the persons whole race. worst then ur mom gay and the other roast’s combined, but aimed at a race.
Jordan: ur mom gay lol
Chase: ur dad lesbian
Jordan: ur sister a mister
Chase: ur brother a brother
Jordan: ur family tree LGBT
Chase: ur race a disgrace
Jordan: dies
by MrMcStufMuffins March 29, 2018
Another way to spell Perez hiton
-Oh, Perez hilton is such a disgrace to human race...
- Yes, Sarah I wish he would kill himself already!
by the-0ne-who-knows January 25, 2016
A tramp is standing on a street corner when chavs r on a bus. "Ah, I feel propa sorry 4 him", "Aye, i na but look at his trainers, wot a disgrace to the universal indicators"
by Melly D December 18, 2004
It's a really really bad curse word, Nofx sings it in the song wore out the souls of my party boots.

The laughs are no longer with us So call me Fat
Fuck geriatric punk, call me Fat Fuck geriatric
punk call me fat fuck geriatric punk shit-faced master of disgrace
by inf1nity May 14, 2008
Someone who is so disgraceful that they are a disgrace to rice. If you ever see someone who is sooooo ANNOYING just call them a disgraceful bag of rice. If their name is Dillian especially.
Yeah, they are a disgraceful bag of rice
Just go along with it
by My_love_life_sucks October 28, 2020