Being an extreme cunt which no one likes
He's a ricegum
by Fúkkmilive February 21, 2018
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An Insufferable asshat that makes cancerous videos on youtube.
That youtuber Ricegum is one hell of a retarded loser that is always thirsty for girls.
by AlyssaDale August 1, 2018
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Ricegum got an F in the test and all of his/her marks
by WillyBoi122 June 25, 2020
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A kid who has the mindset of a 5 year old, he has to survive of drama, and creating it and then using a diss track against them and using so much autotune you can barely hear him, not to mention his hands are always moving and never stop, it is obvious he gets editors, because he hardly even knows what microsoft word is, the good example is Theodd1sout made a joke, and ricegum decided to make a video with (DISS TRACK?) In the title, this gets his 5 year old fanbase stirring and making bot accounts to dislike the oppoments video to make rice seem like the bigger man.
Oh man you like ricegum
Nah man he is annoying af
Ok then cya
by Paytick February 27, 2018
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Most cancerous YouTuber on earth. Worse than Keemstar. He has a more cancerous fanbase than: Syndicate, TMarTN, Keemstar, Any prank channel, any Minecrafter, any Reactioner, any Drama channel, any Call of Duty Dickrider like Ali-A, and even every YouTuber.

Basically, he's the worst person on YouTube. He says shitty things on stream that makes everyone who's not manipulated by him see he's a complete cunt.

He laughed at a girl being raped and joked about it. But then apologised to keep his reputation and the money he was gaining could've been hindered a little. He only cares about money, and used hot girls to get views for his sex-deprived 12 year old fanbase. Almost no other YouTuber likes him because they see through his bullshit, so they make fun of him on Twitter.

He makes the worst "diss tracks" on earth that only contain about 2 insults and a couple of sentences because his fanbases small minds can't handle much more than that.

You don't want to insult his retarded fanbase, they're all in delusions of grandeur and adequacy and will use ad hominem to get back at you because they're unable to create valid reasons to arguments given to them. Never insult Ricegums fans, they're all manipulated and use herd mentality to mass dislike and hate on whatever you said or did.

Shit YouTuber, shit content, end of story. Hope all the Ricegum Dickriders enjoy disliking this definition, and I enjoy knowing you wasted your time reading this definition.
Retard: "Hey, did you see Ricegums new DISS TRACK!?"
Normal Person: "No."
Retard: "Why?"
Normal Person: "Because I'm not an autistic retard."
Retard: "You're just jealous, take this L for me. His videos are hella Fire!"
Normal Person: "Please, consider suicide or reevaluate your life."
by Mr. Non-Manipulated July 18, 2016
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A racist asian guy who is only famous for making fun of small kids and by sucking faze banks dick.
Ricegum is a Internet bully
by Hendrick776 August 24, 2017
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Also known as "Ricecum", "Ricedum", and "Ricefuck", Ricegum is a dumb youtuber who spends his time flexing and killing people with his pure stupidity.
That dude Ricegum is a fucktard.
by End of reality. September 13, 2018
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