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A term for retarded, or mentally challenged. It could also be a term for a herd mentality. Used as Ricegum, and, A Ricegum.
He's Ricegum.
A Ricegum of retards are coming your way.
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#retarded#ricegum#ricegum#i ran it up fast#i feel like the flash you can see i'm getting mad#bringing up the past h3 stop eating snacks#bitch you getting fat flew out pewdiepie just to fuck him in the ass i ran it up fast#bitch you getting fat flew out pewdiepie just to fuck him in the ass [video interlude: content cop & ricegum] *beat stops* hey#you can't do this#you gotta stop this instant you don't own these streets#you can't just dance here wait#wait#who turned off the beat? boy#man#fuck a beat! [video acapella outro] you're a stalker ian#you think about me every night he's definitely white#you might as well be asian because you're obsessed with rice bill gates face#body like a girl scout someone tell this angry millhouse to take a couple pills and chill out before i knock his grill out i cannot have it you little mini bob saget get your fucking ass kicked why don't you buy yourself some thicker glasses you look like inspector gadget as far as that girl i trolled#sorry if that offended you i guess i was on some other shit but now i'm guilty yet again because i'm about to expose another bitch you are a 27-year-old game nerd who roasts now 'cause dudes think he's cool we're just lucky he's got this far in life without shooting up a school fuck with ricegum and your life's done you little squirmy hater#i didn't know the sherminator was a nerdy skater don't threaten me with your vids#mr. vanilla isis you're the definition of what white is hell yeah i get big checks#i want to die
by BiggestBoy May 10, 2018
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person 1: dude stop being a rice gum
person 2: shut up before I release a diss track on you that'll be super fire and lit
person 1: this is why you only deserve death
by Cuntmcfaggit October 14, 2017
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Much like Jake Paul, RiceGum presents himself as an utterly unlikable piece of shit who spends most of his time showing off all the money and cars he has to hide the fact that he has absolutely no talent, because he would rather spend most of his time profiting off of Youtube Drama rather than making something that would be genuinely enjoy. His fanbase usually consists of impressionable kids who blindly worship his content regardless of quality.

RiceGum only differs slightly from Jake Paul (and the rest of Team 10 for that matter) because of that fact that he frequently releases garbage "Diss Tracks" that his fans eat up candy, all the while worshiping him as some sort of Rap God and Roast Master, which he himself has become deluded enough to believe. Of course, anyone with a sufficient amount of brain cells would be able to recognize the fact that RiceGum is a shitty rapper, and he shouldn't have been allowed near a microphone in the first place.

The worst thing about him is his huge ego, which is displayed perfectly whenever someone calls him out on his bullshit. When this happens, he'll keep bitching about the how the one criticizing him is "trying to become relevant" or that they're "doing it for views". It's pretty of him to say consider he built his entire Youtube career off of insulting people (mostly children) for views.
"I hope RiceGum and Jake Paul both die in a house-fire, and that the house on fire is the Team 10 house."
"I hate RiceGum, his voice is so fucking annoying. He sounds whiter than me and he's Asian!"
by BenjyofTheBlackwater August 19, 2017
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Most cancerous YouTuber on earth. Worse than Keemstar. He has a more cancerous fanbase than: Syndicate, TMarTN, Keemstar, Any prank channel, any Minecrafter, any Reactioner, any Drama channel, any Call of Duty Dickrider like Ali-A, and even every YouTuber.

Basically, he's the worst person on YouTube. He says shitty things on stream that makes everyone who's not manipulated by him see he's a complete cunt.

He laughed at a girl being raped and joked about it. But then apologised to keep his reputation and the money he was gaining could've been hindered a little. He only cares about money, and used hot girls to get views for his sex-deprived 12 year old fanbase. Almost no other YouTuber likes him because they see through his bullshit, so they make fun of him on Twitter.

He makes the worst "diss tracks" on earth that only contain about 2 insults and a couple of sentences because his fanbases small minds can't handle much more than that.

You don't want to insult his retarded fanbase, they're all in delusions of grandeur and adequacy and will use ad hominem to get back at you because they're unable to create valid reasons to arguments given to them. Never insult Ricegums fans, they're all manipulated and use herd mentality to mass dislike and hate on whatever you said or did.

Shit YouTuber, shit content, end of story. Hope all the Ricegum Dickriders enjoy disliking this definition, and I enjoy knowing you wasted your time reading this definition.
Retard: "Hey, did you see Ricegums new DISS TRACK!?"
Normal Person: "No."
Retard: "Why?"
Normal Person: "Because I'm not an autistic retard."
Retard: "You're just jealous, take this L for me. His videos are hella Fire!"
Normal Person: "Please, consider suicide or reevaluate your life."
by Mr. Non-Manipulated July 18, 2016
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A racist asian guy who is only famous for making fun of small kids and by sucking faze banks dick.
Ricegum is a Internet bully
by Hendrick776 August 24, 2017
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