a place of memes, screaming, stupid rules, endless judgement, and most importantly: unprotected NSFW chat groups
come to my discord group or I will slit your throat open and dance in your blood
by TheBurningBox April 28, 2018
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A platform that sells/logs data harder than facebook does
Hey wanna come on discord tonight?
No they sell data
by Tada69 April 24, 2019
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An internet chat service similar to teamspeak and skype that enables people to create video and text chatrooms for free. Originally designed for gamers, the service now has a reputation for a thriving e-dating community and is the home of many e-girls.
"Bro, let's hop on Discord tonight."

"We've been dating for a few weeks now, we met on Discord."
by edups July 25, 2018
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A communication system where people can create servers and invite little kids to have some fun and chat.
boi_dab: Hey wanna join my Discord server
d46: ok fam
boi_dab: ok lets roleplay

These were d46's last words
by CrimsonBandit January 21, 2019
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A place home to insecure furries and child predators who are thirsty for female human interaction. Not to mention the people who work for discord are fucking embarrassing and a disgrace to the human race.
Discord user: I am gay

Chad the goddess: We know.
by Dat_Boi33 June 04, 2020
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A toxic environment where toxic people constantly put others down and talk major shit. Don't be surprised if you get judged and constantly bullied on it.
"Ugh I had to block all 200 people who were trying to shoot me on Discord"
by letsgotomars March 19, 2019
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A lack of harmony among ponies.
"Actually in a way you're all right, this picture represents discord, a lack of harmony among ponies."
by NOPONYSTOPME September 25, 2011
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