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The place where you sit for 99% of your Childhood. An alternative to Sandpaper. The smooth side is on the back the rough side is where your ass goes. The backs are shaped like a fucking U which will ruib your back for years to come.
Teacher: Why have you taken your blazer off?

Stundent: Because my ass hurts from these fucking School Chairs so I have to cover it.
by Somebodythatiusedtoknow. April 02, 2020
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The School Toilets are places of danger, used in previous by satanists to play Bloody Mary. Where teachers come to perve on you by looking over or under the tiny shitholes they call stalls. The place where bullying is prone to happen.
Teacher: Wash your hands. Wipe your ass.
Pupil: Alright, just piss of you perverted hag.

Pupil: Fuck I need a dump. Miss, can I go to the toilets?
Teacher: No!, you should have gone at break time.

Pupil: Oh fuck, I Shat myself because of that cunt.
Bully: Hey guys look at this Gaylord, (Bully stands on the School Toilets to look over and Mugshot them).
by Somebodythatiusedtoknow. April 02, 2020
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A chatting platform in use mostly by Salty 7 year olds who say they are 18.
A site where 99% of the children who use it don't even meet the minimum requirement of 13.
Most of the original users have left due to the bullshit it holds.
11 Year old: Hey do you use Discord.
6 Year old: No, (Goes home to ask their Karen) Hey, Karen Whats Discord.
Karen: I don't care, do what you like.

(The kid joins, and skips the Ts&Cs.)
Discord: Are you over 13?
Kid: Yes.
by Somebodythatiusedtoknow. April 03, 2020
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