a website used for gamers but now its a forest fire website being controlled by furries simps and pedofurries
person A: you have a discord account yet
person B: no i don't have a fur affinity account
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by Sleepychan February 14, 2020
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A place home to insecure furries and child predators who are thirsty for female human interaction. Not to mention the people who work for discord are fucking embarrassing and a disgrace to the human race.
Discord user: I am gay

Chad the goddess: We know.
by Dat_Boi33 June 04, 2020
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An app where catfishes get called fine and cute , niggas scream in they $30-100 mics Bitches get exposed and thotties E date
โ€œDawg you finna download discord ?โ€

โ€œ Yea I heard some baddies on there ๐Ÿ™‚โ€
by 202zayhoe November 21, 2019
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A talking platform for gamers

message me saying ``Okay boomer, you burnt the bread.``

He talked with his loser gamer friends on Discord
by letsgetthisbread? December 17, 2019
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an app on your computer/phone that teenage weirdos use to role play and talk about obese women, a place to send nude pictures and then delete them after because you too self conscious about your body, a place where you can be in controll of others and banish them to the "dark relm" and having nothing to do except sit there an annoy the shit out of the owner of the sever
josh: hey dude wanna go on discord?
ryan: sure man what are we gonna do today, role play or talk about "me me"
by yee bois May 23, 2018
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1.A perfect place for disagreement and drama
2.Gamers love to hang out in VC
3.Gamers Love it
4.Better then skype
5.Joke Marketing
6.@Everyone-->everyone get annoyed
Person1:i was on Discord yesterday and it was a mess,disagreement and drama everywhere
person3:i never have any drama in Discord,i love hanging out with my friend in Discord
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by unrealname2004 October 07, 2018
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A popular messaging platform that gamers use. I has a lot of customization features and you can add bots to your servers that others can interact with. Servers can have roles so it's good for a YouTube or game because you could have admins and mods and others. The promo vids are very funny. There is also a rare change you get a special ringtone
Hey! I got the rare Discord ringtone
by BabyIcha April 15, 2018
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