Not included any longer.
Left out of a situation.
Similar to excluded but not the same.
You are officially discluded from the group chat.
Don't discluded me!
by quzxs April 22, 2019
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To be un-included, not included, but easier to say than that bullshit

Created by Brandon Rose, influenced by Marshall Druar
4 guys on a coach**
One guy: You two wanna watch the game?

You two’s: yah of course man
Other guy: I’m so discluded in everything
by PucksnapsFerdaBoys July 30, 2018
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"The real definition of disclude is 'to disclose, make known', I think you meant to say 'exclude.'"
by GrammarTeacher August 27, 2009
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to exclude or not to include; the logical opposite of include
Most people I know are cool, but this discludes you.
by Jason March 20, 2005
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To leave something out of the given context, to not include.
Richard was discluded from the conversation because he was an imposter.
by andrea March 05, 2005
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To not include someone in an activity or event.
Joe: “Damn, I feel bad I had to disclude Jaime. There wasn’t enough room in the car.”

Jane: “Oh she’ll be okay, she’s not that into concerts.”
by Christhesinatra August 05, 2020
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The art of not including a person, place or thing in something that is happening or going on.
"Christi's totally drunk, but I still bet she will be discluding Doug from any action tonight based on the lame ass clothing he wore to the party."

"Yo! We're discluding that bitch from the party, she's always hitting on Walter."
by Buffman6236 November 03, 2011
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