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When performing sex, doggystyle, in ass of female, you pull out. Then you insert indexfinger of both hands in her pussy and both longfingers in her ass at the same time. You then pull out and smear "war paint" on her ass, and then on your face. Insert dick in her ass again, and while thrusting you make high indian war cries.
When I did a dirty Indian on my girlfriend, she prayed to the Spirit in the sky.
by The last mohikane May 21, 2006
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It started out just normal campfire. We were all sharing ghost stories and making smores. I dropped a smore near my genitals when this girl decided to go clean it up with her mouth. She ended up giving me a dirty indian. The counselour of the camp shit his pants whatching us.
by SACAJAPUSYY June 28, 2010
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When having sex with a woman during her period, while having sex with her you rub some blood from her vagina and smeer it on your face in tribal designs and make Indian noises
Sean and his girlfriend were having a wild night and they got a bit crazy I could hear him doing the dirty Indian from downstairs
by Dirty Harry 89 November 02, 2013
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