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Pronunciation: \ˈdər-tē wä-fəl\
Function: Noun
Date: 21th century

A Crisp poop that is put onto a woman's chest and pounded with a tennis racket. Thus giving it the physical characteristics of a Belgium Waffle.
Example 1:
Bill: Hey Woman are you hungry?
Woman: Yes!! For you feces! Poop On Me Now!
Bill: Like This?
*Bill Poops on Woman*
Woman: Yes! Now Smack it with a tennis racket to give it the physical characteristics of a Belgium waffle!
Bill: Oh, why didn't you just say 'make a Dirty Waffle'?
Woman: Sorry, by the way did you hear about Obama's plans to save the economy?
Bill: Jeez Woman stop babbling about shit!
*Woman and Bill Chuckle*

Example 2: Zac Efron.
by DirtyWafflez August 07, 2009
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It's a nickname for the city of San Diego which is a play on its name, i.e. a "Dirty Waffle" is a "Sandy Eggo".
"Want to head down to San Diego this weekend?"
"Nah, I hate the Dirty Waffle."
by FranklinDelanoBluth July 05, 2009
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To shit into a sock,then put it into a trouser press in a hotel room on the way to check-out of a place that has offered less than excellent service-cleaning maids have a nice way of leaving doors open to help achieve this.The smell of warm turd fills the room,then the corridor,then the whole floor
"The hotel was crap,as a mark of protest I left a dirty waffle in the room next door on my way out"
by Wilburthebear April 05, 2008
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To fuck a girl in the ass till her asshole is stretch as big as your fist then dip your balls in her ass.
So I gave this girl a dirty waffle last night she couldn't shit this morning
by homo788059789437897346 April 23, 2009
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The imprint left behind when someone steps in a pile of dog shit.
"Matt made a dirty waffle. Please make sure he removes his shoes before he comes inside."
by asdfajk January 19, 2007
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