The act of shitting in your mates beard.
Gave milo a nice "Dirty Santa".
by DirtySantaPartaker March 10, 2022
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That one pedofile who dresses up as santa and sneaks in your chimney at 4 a.m. to give u a special suprise
by tick/e November 5, 2018
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The act of dipping your balls one at a time into a bottle of milk. The result making your balls look like they have a santa beard.
Hey, did someone Dirty Santa this milk? It tastes like balls.
by jibbs02 November 3, 2009
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When you pound a girl in the ass, pull out a fudge stick and draw a beard on her while you sing "Ho, ho, ho"
To spread holiday cheer Robert gave Cindy a Dirty Santa.. Laughter was had by all!
by Deenis December 18, 2007
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Just like a Filthy Sanchez, but it's a full beard...and involves gingerbread somehow.
He ate so many gingerbread cookies that he got bubble guts, so he exploded all over Sally's face, giving her a full bearded Dirty Santa.
by Pamber December 9, 2012
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The act of flatulence on mall Santa's lap right after he asks you what you have wished for Christmas. Psychological distress and trauma is considered a likely aftermath effect for the receiving persona. The effect is further enhanced by the act of defalcation which is smoothly triggered as an aftermath of successful flatulence.
Graham Smith: Look mom, it's Santa. can I go sit on his lap?

Mama Smith: Yes son, go and show that Dirty Santa why you deserve a present.


Santa: Sit on my cozy lap young man... Now... Tell Santa what you would like for Christmas.

Graham: (lets out a nice wet floppy stinker).

Santa: WTF bro, now my pants have a shit stain on them.
by Royal_Rake December 8, 2017
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A gift-giving game whereby participants are able to select a gift from the pool but run the risk of having it stolen if another participant on their subsequent selection turn decides they want it!
by Nicole December 15, 2003
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