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Dirtle (N). A very dirty Squirtle
This squirtle is covered in mud! He must be a dirtle.

by Argithnaut Horvath May 16, 2008
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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a really DIRTY!!! Squirtle....similar to the Bolshevik culture of dirtles located in the land of Dirtlevania
Why is that Squirtle covered in mud?? He must be a DiRtle Squirtle..
by jh n km May 15, 2008
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Hey Tara can you let me on your floor? I got a Dirtle that needs a shower.
by Turtle-humper April 19, 2009
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A dirty turtle. The concept of a dirtle transcends physical purity and reflects a deeper, more abstract personification of “dirtiness”. The term can also be applied as an objectified desire to dispense “dirty” rhetoric or pursue habits of a similar nature.
1) you’re such a dirtle
2) give me the dirtle
by Pteropus January 02, 2018
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a dirty laugh- a little sexy and naughty and showing awareness that the subject of the laughter might be a little rude to others
i dirtled when i found the porno magazine under my brother's bed.
by miss laminexia August 21, 2011
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