This pokemon will rape you with bubbles.
With a smile on its face.
1:Dude, its squirtle!
1:OWWWW!!, my ass!
by Teh Epic Lulz May 27, 2010
a young species of pokemon that can only prematurley ejaculate, but as they evolve they will be able to squirt their pokejizz further.
the gansta muthafukn squirtle evolved into a blastoise and shot his pokesperm in the charzards face. super effective cumshot!
by nevrsay nigg*r October 18, 2011
Onomatopoeia: Sound made from blood rushing from a severe injury, such as a gunshot, sword slash, etc. This is generally accompanied by hand gestures showing origin and volume of blood spray proportionate to the severity of the injury.
The paladin screamed "For great justice!" He swung his sword, cutting the demon's head off. Squirtle! <hand gesture from the neck, heading away.>
by That guy, you know? October 19, 2011
a guy who ejaculates slightly when aroused. Usually into his pocket.

a pokemon
during pocket pool his pocket was all moist, he's definately a squirtle.
by Ann ugamalooga April 14, 2004
a squirtle is when a chick has diarrhea and you are doin her in the pussy and you make her orgasm so much that she cums, pisses, and shits all at the same time
i was crying after i accidentally pulled off the squirtle.
by happyjack5 September 10, 2009
A wet fart or suprise diarrhea. Will most definately need a fresh pair of undies afterwards.
Eric had a squirtle when he was doing jumping jacks yesterday. Luckily it didn't make it down his leg.
by Naomi February 3, 2005
To take a leak; to relieve oneself
Gonna take a squirtle
by sero August 22, 2004