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A creature bound to the earth who realizes earth will always be home although its forced to live with religeons, politicians and overall clueless people to the final objective of the life force making it almost impossible to breathe. Cant we all just behave? I mean come on.......
by zafod beeblebrox May 15, 2003
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description used by pilots and cabin crew who work in the airline industry to describe those who work in a job which doesn't involve flying.
I met my wife in New York. She's a nice chick for an earthling.
by Tex1 November 08, 2007
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A creature, scientifically referred to by academic English-speaking Earthlings as Homo sapiens sapiens, related most closely to a creature called a chimpanzee, which Earthlings generally use to entertain themselves at places called zoos, where the chimpanzees are frequently known to go on rampages due to abuse by Earthlings and eat the faces off Earthlings; this Homo sapiens sapiens is filled with a self-aggrandizing sense of its own intelligence, which is weak even by galactic standards, let alone cosmic standards. As visitors from the outer reaches of the cosmos, it is our duty to study these morons and see if we can make them treat the Earth better, so that our plans to eventually wipe them out and re-colonize the Earth with our smarter pets and animals will not be hindered by Earthling-caused global warming and climate change
That Earthling is trying to brush his teeth with a paintbrush; he must be one of their professors.

Earthlings are so stupid, Gipponik4, I don't know how I'll be able to tolerate not incinerating them all before it's time.

Be content with probing their Midwestern farmers, Jeppid6.

humanoid alien monkey relative naked ape climate-change denier
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