Used to describe silly-looking styles worn by ultra-fashionable people when you're not confident enough to come right out and say they look silly. You're worried this is a new fashion you don't know about yet, so you say the tweed shirt with a gold tie or whatever is 'directional'.
Look at all these posers with their directional haircuts. I wish I was in Wigan.
by Bobby Tables July 8, 2009
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C'mon people! it is the damn blinker in your car.
"I have to put my directional on for this left hand turn"
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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The way a moron describes an automobile's turn-signal/blinker.
Q: Hey aren't you about to take a right? You better put on your directional!

A: Directional, what the fuck is that? Are you trying to describe my blinker? Man you are a dumb piece of shit.
by tboneski October 28, 2014
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@ somebody when you are saying something about them
Myah shaded me on Snapchat and didnt @ me and she wasn’t being direct
by Lmaooojaiiidda June 10, 2018
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What real mean don't ask for.
Dan is a real man; when he gets lost, he doesn't ask for directions like some pussy.
by Superman13 May 24, 2008
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A command listed even if no one pays attention to it, anyway. Mainly there to protect the stupid.
Directions for Dial soap: use like regular soap.
Directions for hair dryer: do not use while sleeping.
Directions for frozen dinner: defrost.
Directions on a packet of peanuts: open packet. Eat nuts.
by Bulletproof Marshmallow October 26, 2003
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Jazmine shaded me on Twitter today but she didn’t @ me and said it directly”
by CiaraMaraj April 5, 2018
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