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crazy Mass. driver, or any other person from Mass. (Term usually used by people in NH)
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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The Red Sox's home park. Located in Boston, MA. Small but it is HOME. With the green giant, hell yeah! GO SOX!

(ahem...YANKEES or shall i say SKANKEES SUCK!)
I'm going to fenway for the game tonight, i'll get a fenway frank, and sit in the grandstands, but i can still see Wolly!
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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Means So do I... silly ungrammatical New England residents.
~I love tupac shakur's music.

"OH so don't it!"
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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The Boston subway system. Represents the triumph of fuzzy logic, or something, because it does not actually stand for any single word. Cambridge Seven Associates thought it up in the early 1960s when the state hired them to design graphics for the then new MBTA. Their goal was to come up with something as recognizable as a cross that also evoked the idea of transit, transportation, tunnel, etc.

There are four lines: Red (because it used to end at Harvard, whose color is crimson); Blue (it runs along the ocean); Green (it goes to the leafy suburbs of Brookline and Newton) and Orange (because it used to run above what was once known as Orange Street).

You'll sometimes hear references to the Purple Line (collectively all the commuter lines) and the Silver Line (a fancy-shmancy bus line that the T pretends is as good as a subway, running along the route of the old Orange Line elevated).
Take the redline on the T from alewife to parkstreet, then change to the greenline at parkstreet until you get to Kenmore for Fenway Park.
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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A traffic circle. One of Massachusetts' two main contributions to the art of traffic regulation (the other being the red-and-yellow pedestrian-crossing light).

Note: Proper rotaries ah big, typically where several roads (two main roads) come together. They are not to be confused with roundabouts, which are cute, dainty little things used to "calm" traffic in subdivisions.

I just learned this was a New England thing, who knew.

Usually there are a lot of stores all around it, and like a little "green" in the center with some memorial.
becareful going through the rotary, you have to pay attention to right-of-way.
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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To take a U-Turn

i guess this is a New England thing
Cab driver : "i'll just bang(make a/take) a uey on the next stoplight"
by wickedNH February 6, 2004
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