A last name originating from ancient Scotland and Scandinavian Viking warrior clans.
Boy-Is that actually what the Dingwall Vikings looked like?
Teacher-Yes they were a powerful bloodthirsty clan!
by Wiseone456 June 15, 2016
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Petrie: Niven your being a dingwall right now
Niven: fuck off now your being a Dingwall
Dingwall: fuck off both of you
by Bob'sShityCoatHangers February 06, 2017
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What you call a person who pulls into the left lane and blocks the lane for a long period of time by driving next to the vehicle in the right lane. Could also be used to describe a driver who drives in the fast lane.
Would you look at this f-in Dingwall. What a Dingwall. Hey Dingwall, Get past this Dingwall. Watch out for that Dingwall.
by Matchoo5050 March 09, 2016
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a non-swear to call someone doing something innane - generally best used when yelling at another driver or in reference to someone rather than to their face
Look at this dingwally trying to make a K turn on the freeway!
by at7777 April 09, 2010
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some one who tends goats.
send them to dingwall he will look after them
by ferien February 25, 2005
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an abuser of primates
dont let him near the chimps, he is a dingwall
by dermott October 09, 2003
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