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What Drew Pickles, the gayest man in the universe, shoves an infinite collection of up his ass everyday.
Someone is attempting to steal the dildis.
by swellness January 08, 2012
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1) plural of dildo. Same as dildos.

2) citizens of Dildo, New Foundland
"She didn't just have a dildo in her bedside drawer, she had dildi - a pink one, a black one, a 10 inch long blue one, and one hooked up to a battery charger. It was then that I knew our time together would be short and sweet."

"We are Dildi"
by R-biscuit July 15, 2006
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Someone who is such a Dildo that they've actually evolved into something more, a Dildis.
1: "Hey, did you see that kid throw up all over that girl after he did a beer bong?"

2: "Yeah, I bet you he feels like a real Dildis"
by Iceberg Simpson October 10, 2014
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