The world's most homosexual man and has starred in over 67,000 porno films such as Gay Gay Gay men (2004) and Drew Pickles and the Goatse Gang (2001). He has also had videos made about him currently on YouTube and YTMND. A group called the Barney Bunch used to make videos with Drew Pickles and many other people such as the "Recess! Schools out" gang and Barney the purple dinosaur on Newgrounds until the Barney Bunch was banned from Newgrounds in 2006.
Hello I am Drew Pickles and I am the most homosexual man alive.
by Barney Bunch May 16, 2008
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Drew Pickles is a character from a Nickalodean cartoon called Rugrats. He is the uncle of Tommy Pickles, the first born son of Lou Pickles, the brother of Stu Pickles and the father of Angelica Pickles. He is also potrayed as a homosexual in Flash movies, YouTube videos and YTMND sites by a Newgrounds group called the Barney Bunch. In these things, he is often paired up with Barney the Dinosaur, who is also potraiyed as gay.
"Hello, I am Drew Pickles and I am really, really gay".
by Mike Cheesemin October 25, 2006
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A character from the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats. Also a disgusting website that compiles shock site montages creating the ultimate shock site called
Person 1: Dude, Drew Pickles is such a faggot
Person 2: I know, I just saw his website!
by elhombredesnudo January 3, 2009
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