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An unoriginal reply said either when someone has run out of things to reply with or said in an attempt to act defiant or edgy.
Person 1: "Don't care, Didn't ask."
Person 2: "Wow how original."
by Largemakesstuff May 03, 2020
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Everyone uses it to be funny or sexy but it's annoying. Matthew thinks he's cool by using it.
Guy 1-I got a dog.
Guy 2-Guess what I didn't ask.
by Nickyk17 December 12, 2016
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Used in a situation where a person is voicing their opinion on a matter that no one asked about.
***Group of people talking about which is their favourite episode of the big bang theory ***
Lowell: "Did you guys know that Sekiro is a harder and more advanced game than Dark souls"
Gristian Gorbett: "Didn't ask"
by ghostyboi91 May 12, 2021
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a fucking dumbass word moron's say like they're in the right
random person: hey guys i got a new phone
dumbass: didn't ask
random person #2: we could care less if you didnt ask, shut up cunt
by Qyinni March 20, 2021
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The thing someone says when they cant argue anymore and know you are right, Typically said in a bitchy tone by that one tiktok "Star" who you are 90% sure will be homeless when they grow up
Guy 1; you are a fucking bitch; you know that
Guy 2; Oop, didnt ask tsktsktsk
by RacistKid November 08, 2020
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Nobody asked, nobody was going to ask, nobody was thinking at the back of their brain about asking. but you told us anyway so, we do not care
Hey guys I just got my first car!

Didn't ask
by mickeymousemurderer May 16, 2020
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