An unoriginal reply said either when someone has run out of things to reply with or said in an attempt to act defiant or edgy.
Person 1: "Don't care, Didn't ask."
Person 2: "Wow how original."
by Largemakesstuff May 3, 2020
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Used in a situation where a person is voicing their opinion on a matter that no one asked about.
***Group of people talking about which is their favourite episode of the big bang theory ***
Lowell: "Did you guys know that Sekiro is a harder and more advanced game than Dark souls"
Gristian Gorbett: "Didn't ask"
by ghostyboi91 May 12, 2021
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Everyone uses it to be funny or sexy but it's annoying. Matthew thinks he's cool by using it.
Guy 1-I got a dog.
Guy 2-Guess what I didn't ask.
by Nickyk17 December 13, 2016
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When someone doesn't care about what you just said
Hey, did you know the fruit orange and the color orange are spelt the same. Ok didn't ask.
by Girlslikeme June 27, 2021
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Nobody asked, nobody was going to ask, nobody was thinking at the back of their brain about asking. but you told us anyway so, we do not care
Hey guys I just got my first car!

Didn't ask
by mickeymousemurderer May 17, 2020
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a stupid, unoriginal come back to an argument. People who say this often have no other comebacks than this, and unless they live in North Korea or China, have never heard of free speech and people sharing their own opinions
My main man Josh: I just got this cool piece of ww2 memorabilia!
Colin: don't care, didn't ask.
by ArizonaRanger1886 May 23, 2022
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