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A word that can describe a person that is pissing you off real bad
MAN bobs a real fucking dicknut!
by _})( March 30, 2006
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Mild epithet spoken in a state of vexation, which cause the speaker to conflate dickweed with numb nuts.
Punked Supervisor: What the...? Oh! Gaawwwd! Who's the...dick nuts...that left rotten fish heads in the waste basket under my desk??
by JC_SaltLaker January 13, 2005
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A conbining of the term dick and the term nuts. My friend said it once and it is one of the stupidest damn things I've ever heard. Fuck of I know what it means, though.
What the hell's up, dicknuts?????
by A.B.S. May 24, 2004
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Defines a person who is acting in a manner beyond that of a dick, but not quite at the level of full-out cussing. Especially convenient for bad driving maneuvers.
'Hey, dicknut, thanks for cutting me off!'
by The New Musicologist January 27, 2008
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Some one who is not quite privelidged enough to be a dick, they are a much lower form of existance, a dangling sweaty nut!
Yo, that guy is such a dick-nut!
by Elysha January 20, 2003
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