1 - Person claiming above average inteligence in the automotive industry, when infact they have little inteligence if any at all

2 - Person who changes oil and sells unnecessary services for a living with hopes of making a quick dollar as opposed to keeping a life-long satisfied customer
Technician #1:"Hey did you see that lubie trying to do his brakes over there?"
Technician #2:"Haha yes I did, you know if he would just ask someone for help he wouldn't have to keep taking them apart and re-doing them"

Lubie:"Well mam we did your oil change. we also recomend a transmission flush, coolant flush, power steering flush, and a brake system flush."
Customer:"O that's wonderful i didn't know i could have all that service work done here. Will the brake system flush stop the grinding noise that i hear everytime i step on the brakes?"
Lubie:"Yes mam it will."
(Lubie does services, and customer goes around the block comes back very angry that her brakes still grind. Lubie tells her that it's not their fault she should go somewhere else if she is unhappy, and there is nothing that they could do for her.)
by unhappyoldlady December 13, 2009
(noun) Most commonly a Female. Beautiful , loud, dramatic and tons of fun. Tends to have off-days.
That is such a Lubi thing to do.
by baby~girl August 25, 2009
I felt so luby after last night's orgy. Silicone stays for days.
by Exzackly April 27, 2015
Awesome restaurant cafeteria chain in Texas that predominantly serves old folks, mailmen, and cops delicious, heart clogging, hot, homestyle food. Famous for people who push tea-carts full of iced tea, other refreshments, and condiments. (Unfortunately, the tea-carts have been done away with by new managment which SUCKS!)
I had the Luann platter at Luby's and let me tell you brother, it was off the charts!
by TeaCartScooter April 10, 2009
a spunky girl who is unusually loud for her small size.
He ran around screaming like a Luby!
by King Jaon April 20, 2011
A person who is terrifying and short probably sold their soul to satan
hey did you see my ex-girlfriend she acts like a Luby
by igenosleep666 December 8, 2017
Is a gay kid who loves being a pain in the ass.
why are you being such a lubi!
by nyboy07 March 6, 2007