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The act of making physical love whilst wearing ones undergarments. The party performing the Dick Holing more often than not would be the man, and prefers to wear tighty whiteys, would weave his cock through the dick hole of his underwear and perform penetration on the receiving party while not fully being nude. There are many reasons one would perform Dick Holing, a person could be a nevernude, a man may want to ceremonially present his erect phallus to his receiving partner, but most notably recent studies have indicated that these Dick Holers do not want to expose their testicles to the elements. It has also been determined that most people who perform this act also participate in sox
Friend#1- Did you hear that the boss fucks his girl through the dick hole in his undies?
Friend#2- Yeah, he's a dick holing son of a bitch! Heard he likes having sox too!
by Dr. Thunder phd April 25, 2017
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