A derogatory term to make yourself feel superior.
Carlo: Hi little buddy!

Ed: I'm not your little buddy, I'm your big brother!
by ecs25858 January 3, 2011
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A slang word for an average sized Indian man. Buddy is slang for Indian, and little refers to an average sized Indian because the average Indian is shorter than the average person.
Hey, Little Buddy, have you been to the Taj Mahal?
by Wilba H Peat March 7, 2008
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Person who does everything to convince you that they are your best friend while stabbing you in the back at the same time.

Nickname given to someone who strategically moved in on your ex through a series of events that took place prior to your breakup and behind your back.

Nickname given to someone who is manipulative, can’t keep a secret, has severe self esteem issues, plays friends against each other, and will do anything to get laid.

An acquaintance that you randomly discover copies your habits through the art of facebook stalking (i.e. purchases, dating habits, and even shows up at events uninvited).

Nickname give to someone who goes after your girl (behind your back) only after you showed them her picture as a result of them appearing to be genially intrigued and happy for your new found love affair.

A nickname given to an acquaintance that doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong time to tell the inappropriate story about you.
Friend: Hey man, look who just walked in the door.....Little Buddy (LB) decided to showed up! You: Thank god, I so can't wait to be C-blocked all night long.

Your friend walks up to you wearing a new pair of boots that you facebooked about just a day ago and says to you “Great minds think alike!” Little Buddy Style.

While sitting in back seat of the car on the way back from the bar with the local hottie, Little Buddy decides to talk about my ex-girlfriends.
by pimpporsche December 14, 2010
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A young over-enthusiastic admirer. May refer to you on a first name basis or even speak to you as if you've been friends for years. You only know them on an impersonal level but they see it as something closer. Usually means well but comes off as creepy or obsessed.
Little Buddy: Hey how's it going! How's your wife and corgi? Do you need any help with that big project I heard you're working on? I started working on it last night just in case you did.

You: Uh hi, maybe. Lets wait and see...

Little Buddy: Ok cool, thanks! I'll get right on that! Tell your brother I say hello!
by ShadowXion January 27, 2010
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Nickname given to an acquaintance that posts stupid status updates trying to impress other to become his friends, only to not realize that everyone knows that person has no real life.

Just short (haha) of being the creepy guy offering candy to little children.....
What a typical "Little Buddy": John's status update: "lets skype with wine tnite" (to his neighbor).
by Basketball24 January 26, 2011
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