When teeing off during a game of golf, if a male fails to hit his ball past the ladies tee blocks, he must open his fly and let he penis hang out in full view for the remainder of the hole.
I had three dick outs last Saturday. How embarrassing.
by Time4SumAksion September 2, 2005
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When you are having sex and the rhythm is just starting to get good, and the dick falls out. You have to put it in again and start the rhythm all over again.
For this reason, the term can also be used when something was great and turned shitty in a minute. Or you thought you had something and it was ripped out of your grasp at the last second!
Turns out he didn't win the tickets after going to the box office to pick them up!

Oh...! Dick Out!
by Suziecups October 6, 2009
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Making a show or statement, usually in protest of something that is seen as unjust.
"I heard that they shot a endangered animal in a cage the other day" ,"That's it lads, dicks out"
by Thomas.R July 27, 2016
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It refers to a pistol with an extended clip that does not fully fit inside the gun. It seems to have been coined by the rapper Young Thug. It became infamous in the aftermath of the death of Harambe the gorilla, due to people tweeting about it, originally intended as a show of force against people disrespecting Harambe. It degenerated into a bad joke when people interpreted it literally as meaning to display their penises to mourn Harambe instead.
Dicks out for Harambe!

Them niggas is dangerous, they gone dicks out wit they guns.
by sd70mac April 2, 2019
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used to describe a woman engaging in sexual intercourse with a male.
Bitch got dicked out by that huge dude last nite; she aint walkin too good this morning holla
by friarsams April 21, 2005
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To become a dick suddenly and for no apparent reason
My boss was really dicking out tonight, intimidating the staff and being an all-around jerk for no reason.
by krillkilla January 4, 2014
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