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When teeing off during a game of golf, if a male fails to hit his ball past the ladies tee blocks, he must open his fly and let he penis hang out in full view for the remainder of the hole.
I had three dick outs last Saturday. How embarrassing.
by Time4SumAksion September 02, 2005
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In golf when someone makes a really shity short drive, that person has to undo there fly and tuck in there shirt and let it hang out of there fly
man that bunt of a drive didn't even reach the front tees, now you gotta do a dick out for the rest of the round
by Coop April 20, 2005
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When you are having sex and the rhythm is just starting to get good, and the dick falls out. You have to put it in again and start the rhythm all over again.
For this reason, the term can also be used when something was great and turned shitty in a minute. Or you thought you had something and it was ripped out of your grasp at the last second!
Turns out he didn't win the tickets after going to the box office to pick them up!

Oh...! Dick Out!
by Suziecups October 06, 2009
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Adj. Having one's penis showing
Aidan: Did you see Tim before? I heard he was totally naked.
Bill: No, he wasn't even dick-out.
by bilz0r March 19, 2005
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a game played by young adults in their twenties that goes as follows:

someone declares "Dickout!" and everyone in the room has a five second time frame to look away, or they'll get a glimpse of some cock.

the party that looks at the dick may also be charged with wanting to see the dick, as they did not look away within the time frame.

not wise to play in public or around children.

"omg cover your eyes!! TONY COVER YOUR EYES!!"

"what? why?.....GROSS!!!!!!"

"gross man! you wanted to see dude's cock!? gay."
by e3shadow January 28, 2010
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When a situation arises that prompts you to turn into a dickhead, you dick out.
Don't dick out when we get there, you know he's just trying to rile you up and get you to fight.
by thebozworth February 18, 2010
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