to actively express and work through one's grief through emotional and/or social outlets or cues.
forms of mourning include donning specific clothing, cutting one's hair, weeping, and attending religious services.
by dagger_grrl March 16, 2004
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pour out liquor, down a a few shots in memory of your buddy
pour out some liqour for you dead homies
by jim April 5, 2005
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To run around naked in a friend's apartment, throwing trash.
Sarah: "Wow, Meghan sure is mourning because her boyfriend is in Canada."

Harry: "How do you figure?"

Sarah: "She has taken off all of her clothes and is throwing trash around my apartment."
by oceansatlas January 16, 2007
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A state of mourning is a state in which someone is going through grief or loss and is now solitary and sad
"Damn bro, you hear Juice Wrld died?"
"Yeah man I'm in mourning"
by SnorterOfSocrates December 10, 2019
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In Mourning is a band from Sweden. This band is very underrated. Their sound is very unique and similar to Opeth. They fuse melodic, progressive death metal with doom metal. And as I said, the Opeth influence over them is very obvious. Listen to their music and you'll know what I mean. The band released their debut studio album "The Shrouded Divine" was out in 2008. Seriously, if you wanna hear some great metal, this band is a MUST!
-Man, Have you heard the song In the Failing Hour by In Mourning?!
-No, never heard of them?
-Omg you noob, they're orgasmic!
by awesome noob July 12, 2009
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The Mourning are a Death/Gothic/Horror Rap duo from London, England. Their music is depressing and strikingly similar in style to Brooklyn rapper Necro. The group was formed in 2008, and the band consists of rappers Sladen Dead and Uzziah.
Person: Who do you think the best UK rap group is?

Necro: The Mourning.
by ICP4LIFE! January 15, 2009
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A typical greeting among the goths. Equivalent to "morning" but the preferred usage is during night time.
coma: mourning!
keops: goth day!
coma: I feel miserable.
by Kauko Lahti June 20, 2004
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