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A name given to someone associated with lads football outings who act like a complete and utter Dick. This can be due to goal keepers attempting to save the ball with their feet rather than their hands, people who begin to run the line and then decide that they have to leave and go shopping with their girlfriend, or even people who feign injury and then decide that they are miraculously cured and can play again once their team has reached the final of a competition.

The consequence of being a "Dick Of The Day" is that said "Dick" must consume a Dirty Pint on the following evening out after the football antics.
Geoff - "Man I Can't believe Trigger went to save the ball with his feet rather than his hands"

Bill - "Yeah, he's defiantly the Dick Of The Day"


Geoff - "I thought Luke was running the line for us today?"

Bill - "He was, but then his girlfriend called him and said they had to go shopping so he left"

Geoff - "WOW.... What a Dick Of The Day."
by Milidrid April 24, 2011
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