National fight a bitch day, the only day of the year where it is legal to fight a bitch
by Ambingbing September 10, 2021
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This is definitely the coolest day out of the year. If you were born on this day, everyone loves you. Youre such a smart, intelligent, kind and beautiful person so keep on being you!
That girl was definitely born on September 10. I mean look at her.
by ip1234 November 2, 2019
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Friend #2:I guess it's September 10 *hugs*
by A Cakeý friend October 20, 2019
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September 10tH is a dAy wheRe only the most beautifuL people were born. <3 If you werE born on this day, you a very lucky person. People born thIs day will be very successful and have a very lonG lasting relationsHip with the person you love.
If you were born on September 10 look at the abnormal capital letters

(Editors pls let this go up so my gf can see it) thx
by Toobigadickdawg April 16, 2019
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National garlic bread day! A day to eat garlic bread! All hail the garlic bread!
Holy shit you guys! It’s September 10 that means it’s national garlic bread day!!! Happy birthday Kiriana!
by Fartass1400 April 18, 2020
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Grab that ass day any ass big or small grab that shiii. Taken or not u gotta grab can't get mad 😤.
September 10 gotta grab
by AbCaaaaaaaa September 9, 2019
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People born on this day are the best people you will ever meet<3

They are often caring, thoughtful, funny, unique, beautiful/handsome, and so much more! They make amazing best friends or even partners. If you know somebody in your life with this birthday, keep them close!
Guy 1: “Hey, when is Sam’s birthday?”
Guy 2: “September 10th.”
Guy 1: “That explains a lot!”
by zipitydoodah February 25, 2023
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