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3 day growth: the look guys get when they dont shave for a few days or they trim their facial hair to keep it looking like they haven't shaved for a few days
Cheap wine and a 3 day growth a line in a Jimmy Barnes song
by zo@ November 23, 2006
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3 days is the proper exaggeration for any amount of time. Even if the real time is reasonably more then 3 days, 3 days is still considered reasonable.
Andrew: It'll take him 3 days to walk to work. Let's drive by and mock him while throwing snowballs at him.
Bob: It'll take him like 3 days to read that book. It's huge.
by brrr December 14, 2005
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When you date a girl for 3 days and then get dumped.
3 days Is when kid dated a girl for three days then got dumped .
by Cooooooper May 21, 2018
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