3 day growth: the look guys get when they dont shave for a few days or they trim their facial hair to keep it looking like they haven't shaved for a few days
Cheap wine and a 3 day growth a line in a Jimmy Barnes song
by zo@ November 23, 2006
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A "relationship" lasting only 3 fucking days
Day 1 = Will u go out with me?...SURE!
Day 2 = i love u i will nvr leave u
Day 3 = lets just be friends ok? its not working out
thats an example of "a 3 day"
by lsd5985842 October 14, 2005
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3 days is the proper exaggeration for any amount of time. Even if the real time is reasonably more then 3 days, 3 days is still considered reasonable.
Andrew: It'll take him 3 days to walk to work. Let's drive by and mock him while throwing snowballs at him.
Bob: It'll take him like 3 days to read that book. It's huge.
by brrr December 14, 2005
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a clause in the bro code that actually consists of many subdivisions, as seen below.

For a girl that is a
9-10-you must wait 4 days before calling them.
8-9 - 3-4 days
7-8 - 3 days(most girls fall into this category hence the name)
6-7 - 2 days
5-6 - 1 day(if you call at all)
5 and below - no call at all. period.
broski: YO! i met this totally hot chick at the bar!
broseph: how hot?
broski: like a 8.5?
broseph: thats 4 days man, honnor the code.
broski: i was gonna say 3, but i guess 4 would make her feel special.
broseph: thats the intent of the 3 day rule man.
by cmxx05 January 10, 2010
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Getting a buzzcut 3 days before you need to look sharp since 3 days after a buzzcut is when it looks nicest.
"Yo mom can you cut my hair tonight so I can have a fresh 3 day buzz for the party on Saturday?
by The Man with the Words December 20, 2010
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The day Halo 3 came out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007, or any September 25s following.
"Dude! It's September 25! Happy Halo 3 Day!"
by BlinkinCard September 26, 2007
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Much like 5 o'clock shadow, but for those who have just started shaving, and their beard/mustache/sideburns have not become thick enough to develop by 5 o'clock, but 3 days later. It would have the same length after 3 days as a fully developed beard would have by 5 o'clock.
Jim: Hey Bob, you've gotta nice mustache, what'd you grow that today?

Bob: LOL, oh no, its just my 3 day shadow. I've gotta shave it again today.
by Cockslappin' since '94 June 04, 2010
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