The hair that grows on the side of the scrotum to make make it look like your dick has sideburns.
holy shit shave your dick chops. your starting to look like Mr.T
by pune master 71 October 15, 2010
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Pubic hair that grows on the shaft of the penis, starting near the base, that eventually form a point, usually about a fourth of the way up the shaft.
His side burns are very neat and professional, but his dick chops really showed me his wild side.
by BahamutMS October 23, 2014
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When a dick does something really annoying he's a dick-chops.
At work. Somebody annoying asks to borrow your stapler and then brakes it. You say: Look what you did you Dick-Chops!
by Baxter Tomato December 06, 2008
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A dick Chop is a real dick head. Ap erson who gets on your nerves and wont go away
Fuck ryan is a dick chop, i wish he would piss off.
by soonbo August 15, 2006
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n. A large, family-sized dish consisting primarily of chopped dick. Usually served fresh, and thrown at a girl's face. Often garnished with diced tomato and Italian seasonings, depending on the girl. Salt is added to taste.

In culinary circles, also referred to simply as "CDS."
(at a bar, referring to a girl dancing like a total whore)
That girl dancing like a total whore is about to get a face full of Chopped Dick Salad. Watch this.
(proceeds to prepare the dish on the dance floor)
by Socra-dick Method June 09, 2010
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a kink someone may have;a sexual arousal from a chopped dick
Me:I want to fuck carrie but i'm not sure if she likes chopped dick
Megan:Well to be honest i have a little chopped dick kink ;)
by x.m.n.r September 21, 2017
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