When a person gets butt implants that are too big for their body structure and it makes them look like they are wearing a diaper.
Did you see that celebrity that just got the implants it gave her a diaper butt
by Takkat June 3, 2014
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When a thot gets butt implants that are so big it makes the thighs look like they are gonna snap at any moment
"You know dat thot got sum juicy ass"
"Dam, cuz. Dis yo first time drooling on sum diaper butt?"
by Dbig2B February 7, 2022
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A womans backside that is bulky with the appearance of wearing a diaper. Usually caused by large bulky underwear, body fat, mom jeans or just being old.
That girl you were chatting up had a cute face but had some major diaper butt.
by melvin cutter February 3, 2009
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What a guy's butt looks like when they sag their pants. Another reason for wearing pants properly. Gives the appearance of the football player in question having pooped his pants.
"Ewwwwww! He has a diaper butt!!!!"
by Lizard Butt September 9, 2011
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n. When the fabric on the butt of jeans stretches and no longer fits tightly. Called "diaper butt" because of the baggy appearance, similar to a diaper full of poop.
Term can be applied to swim suits.
"Aw man, I haven't washed these pants in about 3 days. They're all stretched out and look like diaper butt."
by max636 May 19, 2008
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(n). Pants that sag in the butt area causing what appears to be a diaper like appearance.
Excess fabric in the butt area, that is not filled out by the butt of the wearer.
This problem frequently occurs on girls who have no butt and are wearing pants that leave room for girls who do. The pants are usual a cotton material, and are not form fitting. Diaper butt usually causes feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment. Diaper butt is not desirable and is extremely unattractive.
Girls say: "Do these pants give me diaper butt?"
Guys would say, "Oh man, did you see that girl's diaper butt?
by Harnagel March 3, 2009
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A girl with that soggy pizza dough booty... look like a shitty diaper in her draws
Where did ol’ diaper butt go?
Bro that bitch shitter herself let that diaper butt go
by Kempbillton May 19, 2018
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