A non muslim that takes a policy of appeasement or kowtows to muslim aggression and hatred of western civilization or a politician who sells out western civilization in return for votes or because they are too afraid to offend muslims
Mayor Broomberg is a dhimmi for allowing the mosque at groundzero
by cpgncusa August 28, 2010
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A mental stage where the oppressed slowly develops sympathy for their oppressor, most of the time it evolves out of fear of getting persecuted again, so they develop perverseness, much like Stockholm syndrome.
Abdul: “Hindustan me Minority khatre me hai.”
Educated Indians with common sense: “How can you be in danger? You dictated India for 800yrs being a minority; and how can 204 million+ Muslims (2019) be minority in a country?”
Dhimmi Hindu: “No, my friend Abdul is right, stop harassing my Abdul, you RSS, BJP Bhakt! He is my Abdul, different from the rest ♡”
Abdul: “Mission Passed! Victim card ++ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
by The Non Smoker March 23, 2022
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A Dhimmi is a word used by Muslims to describe a Christian or a Jew, and most recently people who do not follow Islam but live in an Islamic country or another country that does not follow Islam.

Dhimmi's in past centuries who lived under a Muslim dominated country lost most of their legal rights and privileges if they did not convert to Islam. Dhimmi’s were also targeted and preyed upon because they were not allowed to testify in courts against Muslims, like Islamic or Sharia courts of today. It made Dhimmi’s easy targets and added incentives for them to hurry up and convert to Islam, or suffer until they do.

Dhimmi's have to pay Jizya a tax for practicing their religion. In other words Islam uses the method of Dhimmi and Jizya to force Islamic conversions when they slowly take over a country.
"Excuse me Sir, yes you on the camel, are you Dhimmi?

"No not me I can't afford it, I'm Muslim!"

"Hey you on the donkey are you Dhimmi?"

"No not I, why would I?" "I would lose my rights as a person and have to pay higher taxes." "No I'm Muslim."
by The Moody Poet December 10, 2006
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1. Christians and Jews (and sometimes others) in traditional Islamic empires. They had a recognized but very subordinate legal status.

2. Zeropian politicians who kowtow to political Islam, as in Chiraqistan.
In France, the elite are all dhimmis.
by octopod April 30, 2004
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