Bhakt is romanization of Hindi language word that means 'devotee'.

The word was used solely in religious context until its usage in political context since early 2010s.

The followers, supporters, and admirers of Indian Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi were described 'Modi Bhakt' by liberal media in early 2010s. The social media dropped 'Modi' from 'Modi Bhakt' and continued using word 'Bhakt' to describe the supporters and admirers of PM Modi.
Indian National Congress Politician 1: Mukesh defended Prim Minister Modi's yesterday's speech gaffe.
Indian National Congress Politician 2: What else do you expect from a Bhakt?
by A Stoic Ronin September 28, 2018
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The bhakts are nothing but religiously bigoted antinationals who knows nothing about religion.
Their mothers shared bed with Britishers during Freedom struggle and wrote mercy petition for British.They are often called Sanghis also.They feel frustrated because there were no freedom fighters from their wing hence use their small brain though don’t have one to prove their nationalism and religious closeness.
Teacher: What is the synonym of word traitor?
Student: Bhakt
by NikolaTesla018 October 24, 2022
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Racial or Ethnic slur for Hindus and followers of Hinduism

You can't educate a person who is #Bhakt, they worship cows
Manoj is a complete bhakt, he’s opposed to cow slaughter

Kumar and his Bhakt friends repose their faith in the benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda; perhaps they should also try cow urine

Bhakts believe Diwali fire crackers produce oxygen

Bhupesh is a total Bhakt, he believes the Ramayana isn’t a myth but real history

As soon as the Math teacher called the decimal place value system Arabic numerals, Seema interrupted him and asked him to recognize them as Indian numerals after Brahmagupta. What a Bhakt!
by LBaba December 30, 2022
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term is used to refer those supporters of Modi {PM of India} or his political party BJP, who have unquestionable support and admiration for the party, it's leaders and it's policies. They may react aggressively to those who question the government etc.,
bhakt refused to accept the facts indicating that demonetisation failed and hurt the economy
by sherdil August 21, 2022
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Akshay kumar fans are called Akshay Bhakt. They are educated & civilized not like Gawar Fanbase.
Today I met an Akshay Bhakt
by Haklatard August 6, 2019
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Lund Bhakts are referred to Hindus all around the world for licking and worshipping Penis of an Ancient Person knows as Shiva they call God. A Bhakt is the one who prays to someone, Say God.

Asim- Hey did you hear those hindu terrorists chanting Stupid slogans in front of Masjids?
Imran- Yeah! What else can these Lund Bhakts contribute to the society...
Eg. You should not talk to Mohan. He is from the family of lund Bhakt.
by Sita69 June 12, 2022
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