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Bhakt is another term of a devotee in Hinduism, who devotes his life to his/her god and actively participates in preserving his/her culture and ideals of his ancestors following Hinduism. Often used as a jibe by educated illiterates who loves propagating against Modi supporters.
I'm a Bhakt of Mahadev.
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by Truthful Indian January 31, 2021
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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Bhakt is romanization of Hindi language word that means 'devotee'.

The word was used solely in religious context until its usage in political context since early 2010s.

The followers, supporters, and admirers of Indian Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi were described 'Modi Bhakt' by liberal media in early 2010s. The social media dropped 'Modi' from 'Modi Bhakt' and continued using word 'Bhakt' to describe the supporters and admirers of PM Modi.
Indian National Congress Politician 1: Mukesh defended Prim Minister Modi's yesterday's speech gaffe.
Indian National Congress Politician 2: What else do you expect from a Bhakt?
by A Stoic Ronin September 28, 2018
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