The don, awesomest dude (usually from indian descent) who deserves the highest of fives! also friends with an awesome Portuguese/Indian chick! Ayush is a guy who gets all the girls, hard to resist... girls control yourselves!! Known to be the pengest dude around town...
Girl: OMG did you see Ayush!
Girl 2: Oh yeah! Total don!! ;)
by IM PYEMAN December 24, 2021
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Boys whose name is Ayush are generally kind of Shy and Introvert kind of persons. The main thing that I want to discuss about them is their way too beautiful eyes and because they are bad with words look into his eyes and you will find every answer that you are looking for.

They are kind of selective in everything from Person to Ice-Creams. They are really brave and used to tolerate things with smiles even though it hurts them the most. They will never show their pain in front of others if you know someone named Ayush and if they used to tell their insecurities and fear to you just listens to them carefully because you are the one they trust.

They used to remember everything about their favorite person. The best way to know if you are an Ayush favorite person is quite easy you will notice that your likes and dislikes will also become his liking. If you have a crush on them tell them now because there is a hard chance that they will open to you even if they love you more than anyone.

Once you are with a guy named Ayush you will find that they are really possessive over small things. They used to overthink each thing so much that your single text is enough to make him uninterested in you. So, it's really hard to hold them but once you are with him you don't need anyone. Their beautiful music taste and list of Crime thriller suspense movies will also make you crazy.
Someone Random- Just look at that guy, he leaves in his own world.
Their favorite person- Never Mind he is Ayush and you don't deserve him.
by TheOneYouThought November 24, 2021
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Ayush is a silent and quite personality both from heart and outer appearance. He is a very loyal friend and a caring lover❣️.... He has a good sense of humour... Intelligence result out to be synonym for his name.. He is a man of high intimacy and romance...It takes time for him to get attached but once attached he will do anything for his love... Even he became easily sad many times but his friends help him to out of it. He has a creative and exploring mind. In short he is the best creature you will ever meet.💌
Ooh! That's Ayush 😍😍
by Singh khan December 1, 2021
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A person who is going through a lot of pain but has friends to help him through. He is someone who has no idea about how great he is. Insanely funny and charming. Will get a girlfriend by 2025 and loves everyone around him.
Oh look that’s an Ayush
by Boruto24 January 8, 2022
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Ayush means (brother). He is very silent but friendly environment.He is eligible bachelor and handsome. He is always

stand for friends and family. He is always respect and help everybody.
A- Amazing
Y- Young
U- Unbelievable
S- Silent and Smart
H- Honest
Ayush is amazing,young,unbelievable,smart,honest
by Robert Hyde November 27, 2021
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Ayush is like the man who cares, and love a girl like a queen. He never cheat someone, very romantic, courageous, pleased, cool, dude. He is the person you can trust. But, wait he has another side he can make your life like hell until someone break his heart. He never give you a fuck about him, don't betray to him. What you like is not important the important thing is how you treat him. He is very sexual fascinating. He is like the person with skills of a leader he doesn't want to be king but destiny always make him king. Their wife's are always happy. He is not a chick but act like a chick until isn't it right time to turn on the devil.
Ayush is very soft hearted.
by 143! &¶^ November 24, 2021
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