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Best boy. Handsome, smart. Has a temper sometimes. Very caring and sometimes jealous. Everyone wants to be his friend. Loveable and kind, sensitive inside even though he might not look like it. Rebellious. Has a hot girlfriend. Plays tennis, wears purple basketball shoes. Likes rap music. Gets lit no matter where he is.
โ€œYoooo Ayush is the best dude ever!โ€

by hhhhh123456 September 23, 2018
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The don, awesomest dude (usually from indian descent) who deserves the highest of fives! also friends with an awesome Portuguese/Indian chick! Ayush is a guy who gets all the girls, hard to resist... girls control yourselves!! Known to be the pengest dude around town...
Girl: OMG did you see Ayush!
Girl 2: Oh yeah! Total don!! ;)
by friedchickenandfries October 20, 2011
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A guy with a big heart. Usually loves hugs and respects people and girls a lot. Girls really dig a guy like him cuz he's got most of the skills... He is perfect basically. He knows how to cook, click pics and he knows hot cuddle really well!

Girls really wish to have a man who is protective enough and secure enough.. And Ayush is a guy who is not really insecure and is quite protective sometimes
Girl: Oh look that's Ayush
Guy:Hey! He is a great guy isn't he? He walks with a lot of people around him.. I always wonder why
Girl:That's because he is perfect.. He has got all the Tru cos up his sleeve... I'll go talk to him.. Bye Dude
by Lover of AY April 23, 2018
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one who often sleeps in class, is yelled out, but still has the amazing ability to pass every class without opening a book. but he still cant get a date.
name derived from the springs of India. Anyone who drinks form the springs of India will become obnoxious like "the great Ayush."
by ihs bored kids May 04, 2007
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An Indian boy who is overcome with a powerful urge to pleasure himself everytime dubstep or Eurodance music is heard.

Also known as a "dubstep wanker"
"He jerked off to a 'Call me maybe' Remix, what an Ayush..."
"Calliste put on some French dubstep and the Ayush splooged everywhere..."
by The Zakman ^-^ September 27, 2012
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fat boy who lives in forest hills and if u have food in ur hand, prepare to run. he will eat the food and ur hand.
kid eating a popsicle, ayush chases after the kid for the food
by PYEMAN January 13, 2009
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