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To mean bullshit, something that one does not want to do or hear.
A= 'I once had a fight with a bear'
B= 'Mate you're talking desh'

Teacher= 'Your homework is due for tomorrow'
Student= 'No, thats desh!'
by LaurenAlannah January 09, 2012
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Pimp by blood, not relation (n)
very attractive male all girls want to bwn (v)
Girl #1: Holy shit, did you see that guy at the bar?
Girl #2: Oh yes, that's Desh and he's off the hizzle fo' rizzle. I'd bwn him!
by Deshman July 11, 2003
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white sticky substance released from males during intercourse

synonyms: semen, jizz, cum, load

can be used as a verb and to replace words (musdesh in stead of mustache)
sorry dude, I deshed all over your pillow last night

my girlfriend was giving me head last night and I blew all over here and gave her a musdesh
by upperdecker bandit November 18, 2009
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Anything one would describe as very cool, dope, or fresh. (Adj.)

To act in a relaxed or laid back manor. (verb)

Synonyms: Cool, fresh, stylish, dope, dank, sweet, swag, great

Antonyms: Lame, stupid, boring, unexciting
Ex. 1 Man that crew neck is so Desh!

Ex. 2

Speaker 1: Oh shit man its the cops

Speaker 2: Dont worry, just desh it out

Ex. 3

Speaker 1: Hey Tim you having a big party tonight?

Speaker 2: Naa man i got work in the morning, ima keep it deshy
by CVHSfordayz April 27, 2013
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