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A place that can only be seen by those that have had their wings broken and have fallen below the clouds. The ground there is dark, and damp, and cold. The air there makes your mouth stick together like mud, making it physically hard to speak, and it freezes your bones, making it near impossible for them to move. The people that still live above the clouds call out to you, they say "don't sit around like that, can't you see how beautiful the sun is? Be grateful!" When they do not understand that you cannot see the sun, only the underside of the clouds. It is possible to get out of this place once you are there, many people just have to wait for their wings to heal, and then remember how to fly again to get into the sunlight. But many also rot like a sitting hen after their wings have healed, for they do not remember how to fly even if it is possible, or they get lost on their way up and decide it too scary, only to plummet down again. The only way back up from there is if someone who can fly decides to come down and carry you up, but it this world, that is one in a million.
"Depression is like a dark, ongoing tunnel. You just stop because you don't see the point when you can't see the light at the end."
by Macadamia Marshmallow April 2, 2013
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An indie folk band formed by musician Conor Oberst of Omaha, Nebraska. It is known and defined for it's sad keys and the raw and emotional vocals of Conor himself. Generally amongst fans he is either hated or revered as a God.
"Oh my gosh, i LOVE Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes! He is such a genius and his lyrics are pure poetry!"
"What, you mean the screechy guy with the guitar from that emo band? He is terrible!"
by Macadamia Marshmallow April 2, 2013
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