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A very laid back city. Kind of like western, cowboy, midwestern and cosmopolitan city. It definitely has a very laid back western US feeling. It is kind of boring city with everyone doing their own thing. During the weekday everyone is in Denver and in the weekends everyone disperses. It is a diverse city with many ethnic groups living in Denver like Mexicans, Blacks and whites. It is a pretty dispersed city if the Greater Denver is included that includes Denver, Aurora, Thornton, etc., but if talking of Denver in a smaller term, Denver is a small city. It is a pretty rural city too, but there are big businesses and lot of sports and activities. The suburbs are kind of boring, but there are nice surrounding cities and towns like Boulder that is alive with energy. Cool city, little boring, definitely need to do things actively in order to not get bored. It is also a dry city with little water and humidity.
Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets keep Denver moving.
by 423412e August 09, 2011

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