When a person drops a bucket of shit on a persons head, then eats it while having sex with that person.
by Windle suck her nuts April 12, 2021
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Rizze's invention.

It's almost the same as loled, it means you've done something bad.
Sessho: OMG Rizze you just got your tongue painted blue!
Rizze: No way! I got totally Brownied! Q_Q
by Sessho November 4, 2007
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A dessert that consists of melted chocolate bars, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and butter or margarine.
Mary that dessert looks delicious!
Yeah, Im eating a brownie!
Can I have some?
Sure Katie!
by david faustino April 7, 2012
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An inability to continue working due to lack of motivation
I've got the brownies
by CJCindy June 28, 2017
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very fun but hard to make it all go well as planned but really fun if there is weed in it!
MArijuana brownies are very fun, and are not overrated but they are very hard to make and keep all good, they are very expensive, andthey are cool!
by S & B June 21, 2003
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something thats very cool, hip, or awesome. We want brownies anytime, anyplace, anywhere. So if its that awesome....it must be brownie.
Man, niagra falls is so brownie.


Wow if I got that car that would be brownie.


You know what would be brownie? If you banged Jessica Alba.
by Sebastian123 October 11, 2009
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Saying blacky with less racism.
White person: Hey blacky!

Black person: nigga ill come over and beat your ass right now.

White person: Hey Browny!

Black person: hey what up dawg
by eeeeeeandrew July 14, 2011
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